A Word of Advice from the World Bank President

April 15, 2013

The popular World Bank president, Dr. Jim Yong Kim has recently visited India and discussed about several major issues faced by India and all over the world. During his visit, he had several meetings with all important people of Indian government such as, Indian political leaders concerning to all crucial departments like health, education, transportation and various other ministry sections.

Since India is one of the largest members of the World Bank group, Dr. kim was highly keen to understand the future goals regarding the development of the nation in terms of introducing advanced technologies or research in various needful sections such as, healthcare field or eradicating major problems like poverty from its roots.

The World Bank chief particularly emphasized on the matter of eliminating extreme poverty from almost every developing countries by the end of 2030. For this issue, he strongly suggested the need of lowering the percentage of people falling below the poverty line of their country. At the same time, people belonging to extreme vulnerable society should be supported in terms of all basic necessities of life and improve their lifestyle and living, especially in all developing countries.  According to him, the mission of eradicating poverty in indeed possible due to the better and improved state of world’s economy and successes achieved in the past years. As a result, the World Bank president is strongly in favor of utilizing such favorable condition for the betterment of all developing countries.

As per the development reports presented by the World Bank and United Nation in the years of past, significant rise of countries like china, Brazil and India has successfully helped millions of people to overcome their poverty condition. The World Bank chief formally announced that the board of World Bank is going to implement an effective and a completely new strategy for India and it will aim on lowering the poverty rate and pull out around fifty millions people out of the poverty line in the coming five years.  However, few of the regions like Afghanistan and some parts of Africa are constantly struggling to reduce poverty from its roots.

According to Dr. Kim, the economic growth is not the only factor that can help in removing poverty completely and fill the large gap between the rich and poor people. At the same time, he also pointed out the major threat of climate changes that can severely affect the living standards of millions of people. As a result of it, the president has also informed about the plans and strategies that are being prepared to combat the detrimental effects of any type of climate change in the future.

The World Bank president has also talked about the fact that additional effort is to be given to the poorer countries like south Asia or few parts of Africa to attain a definite economic growth in the coming time. And for this, there should be provision of facilities in terms of increasing the job opportunities for the residing people, increasing overall finance of the state and likewise.  Overall, the major focus is given to such development programs into which poor people can equally participate and can fight against their poverty.

Source: http://economicrisis.com

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