Album Review: Gold Panda – Trust EP

March 19, 2013

Back in July 2011, after the release of his DJ-Kicks compilation for the !K7 series, British beatmaker Gold Panda said, “I guess I made music that soundtracked how I felt – I didn’t want to hear anything with lyrics, just music.” This statement epitomizes what his intricate and emotional electronic arrangements are all about. Welcoming and nostalgic in strange, new ways, his tracks have always felt, if nothing else, intimate: like a piece of art never intended for a mass audience. Trust, his latest four-track EP after a relatively quiet 2012, slides right into this vein, as Gold Panda said the album is about “trusting yourself that something is good,” adding: “I trust myself that these tracks are worthy enough to commit to vinyl.”

A tweet back in January supported this claim, as he called “Burnt-Out Car in A Forest” the “best track I’ve ever made.” It certainly competes for the title. The song’s layers peel back and forth, with quick, clap-like sounds eliciting the feeling that it’s destined to erupt into party mode oscillating with ominous tones and light percussion all covered in a fuzzed-out film that keeps the track in the bedroom rather than sauntering it toward the dancefloor. Transitions top the UK producer’s list of strong suits, and this track effortlessly turns into the final of four, “Casyam_58#02”, which takes a melancholic, downtempo turn, leaving us anxious for this year’s forthcoming full-length.

Album opener “Trust Intro” utilizes diced vocal samples begging the question, “How could he do that to her?” and fades into the titular track, which is funky yet smooth and the product of a producer both experienced and confident, which, as Gold Panda told us with this title, it certainly is. The four songs show conviction and leave their listener keen on the EP yet eager for more.


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