Ebix, Goldman Sachs Affiliate End Merger Deal Due To New Investigation

June 21, 2013

Ebix, Inc (NASDAQ:EBIX) and an affiliate of Goldman Sachs & Co. terminated their merger agreement due to a new investigation opened against the financial software company by a U.S. Attorney’s office.

The financial software company received a letter from the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia indicating that it opened an investigation after learning about the pending shareholder class action lawsuit against its directors and officers, the media, and other sources on allegations of intentional misconduct.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been investigating the accounting practices of Ebix, Inc (NASDAQ:EBIX). The inquiry was focused on the company’s revenue recognition, internal controls, and the accuracy public statements provided to shareholders.

Ebix Moving On Despite Allegations

According to Ebix, Inc (NASDAQ:EBIX), the U.S. Attorney’s investigation is still in the preliminary stages and it is too early to determine whether the financial software company violated any securities laws or other regulations, or if any individual might be considered a target, subject or witness in the inquiry.

Ebix, Inc (NASDAQ:EBIX) and the affiliate of Goldman Sachs & Co ended their merger agreement without payment of a termination fee by either party, and agreed to release each other from all claims arising from or related to the terminated deal.

Robin Raina, chairman and CEO of Ebix, Inc (NASDAQ:EBIX) said, “We believe the allegations in the class action suits are without merit. We want to thank Goldman Sachs for their interest in acquiring Ebix and we are naturally disappointed that we could not complete a transaction at this time.”

“The company remains focused on running its business and continuing to provide its customers with the high quality products and services on which they rely. The company’s balance sheet remains strong and we believe the Company is well positioned for future growth and success,” added Raina.

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