FBI’s Main Boston Terrorist Suspects Turn Themselves In … Appear Innocent

April 19, 2013

The FBI – as well as Internet sleuths at Reddi and 4Chan – have analyzed photographs from the Boston marathon to help identify the terrorists.

Suspicion originally focused on these guys … 24-year-old Yassine Zaimi and 17-year old Salaheddin Barhoum:


Zaimi and Barhoum are both Moroccan immigrants. Zaimi graduated from Revere High School outside of Boston, and Barhoum – who works at Subway – is currently a student at that school. Barhoum calls Zaimi his “track coach”.

Zaimi looks scary in the photo above, but other pictures of him and Barhoum make them look harmless:


They both vigorously deny that they are the bombers, and have turned themselves in to investigators in order to clear their names.

ABC News reports:

Federal law enforcement sources told ABC News they are no longer seeking information about Barhoun or the other man in the photo published in the Post.

Source: http://www.ritholtz.com/blog/2013/04/fbis-main-boston-terrorist-suspects-turn-themselves-in-appear-innocent/

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