Hillary Clinton’s playboy fundraiser arrested over heroin and cocaine

April 6, 2013

An Indian playboy and fundraiser for Hillary Clinton has been arrested in Florida after he tried to board a plane with heroin, cocaine and other drugs hidden in his bags and underpants.

Hillary Clinton##Q##s playboy fundraiser arrested over heroin and cocaine

Vikram Chatwal, the 41-year-old Sikh hotelier nicknamed the “Turban Cowboy”, has dated the supermodels Kate Moss and Giselle Bundchen, appeared in a number of films, including the Ben Stiller comedy Zoolander, and is known for his playboy lifestyle.

He is a close friend of the troubled Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan, and is known to have been treated at a rehabilitation clinic.

Bill Clinton attended his 2006 wedding to the Indian model Priya Sachdev, where guests were flown from around the world to luxury venues throughout India in a fleet of airliners. At one of the events, guests were welcomed by dancing eunuchs, elephants painted entirely white and whitewashed men in angel wings on white horses.

He was arrested on Tuesday in Fort Lauderdale after security staff discovered half a gram of cocaine in a plastic wrapper in his shirt pocket, six grams of heroin hidden in his pants, and other drugs including cannabis and the dance drug and horse tranquiliser ketamine.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/us-politics/9975344/Hillary-Clintons-playboy-fundraiser-arrested-over-heroin-and-cocaine.html

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