How to makemoney with a job

May 23, 2013

I’ve been staying with people who earn money from a job and over the years, I have here majority of them say making money is only possible when you run a business. At the same time, I’ve seen people who work as employee all their life and retire rich, although very few of them.

This articlewill not show you the magic formula. In other words, it’s not a get rich quick scheme we’re here to talk about, but will guide you through a process to make you rich if you have a job. That is these are guide post that will ensure that you build a healthy financial future with a job.

Cashflow vs capital gain

Well before I continue, I think it’s important for you to know the differences between cashflow and capital gain. Cashflow is the money you work for it once and the money keeps on coming in. example when you build houses and you rent it out, the money keeps on coming as long as you hold the investment.

While capital gain is when you sell something because the value have appreciated. Example, when you buy a land at $1000 and you keep it for some months and appreciated to $5000, then you sell it. That’s capital gain and will never get anything from the land again.

It’s important to work for cashflow and not capital gain. As a worker, you work for capital gain and not cashflow. Because at the end of the work (that is when you retire or leave the job), the pay stops from the employer.

How to make money with a job

The following are some steps you need to follow to ensure that you need to have a secure and free financial future and still having a job.

1) State with a plan

Develop a plan you intend to work with. This plan will outline the money you’ll need to make every month apart from your paycheck and what to do to achieve it. Proper planning kick start the beginning of your journey.

2) Learn the basis of financial intelligence

Most people want to make money, but don’t know how and don’t care to study how the rich do it. Making money entails you know certain money principle and that is financial intelligence. Financial intelligence will teach you the basic principle of business and investing, the ultimate source of wealth.

This can be achieve by reading books, listening to tapes and attending seminars on business and investing. You can approach a successful business man or investor and ask them some question regarding business and investing.

Financial intelligence also shows you what investment gives you cashflow and how to build multiple streams of income.

3) Pay yourself first

Others pay their self last at the end of the month. But the ideal thing is, when you receive your pay at the end of the month, you should pay yourself first. Use the money to finance your investing. Then the remaining one you can take care of the bills.

Am not saying you should take your entire money to finance your investment. But set aside 10% of what you earn each month for your investing.

4) Start your investment

When you have gained some knowledge about investing, start investing. Take baby steps, because when there is mistake, it will be minimal and you’re still learning. This also minimize the risk since you’re new .

5) Build your own business

Maybe you can start a part time business. I must caution, starting a business is not easy, but you can still do it if you want to. If you decide to, then keep your day job and start building it gradually. The good news is today you can start a business at the comfort of your house.

Don’t just rush into any business just like that. Make sure what you want to do is going to be profitable, add value and the most important; it’s in line with your passion.

6) Be discipline

Most of the time, as a worker there is temptation of collecting things on credit, which force us to pay at the end of each month. Some who collect these things are doing it because they want to please their colleagues.

Be discipline and don’t follow them. What you’re spending is seed money that needs to be planted to grow. Some might not understand what you’re trying to do, but don’t dance to their tune. Work toward achieving your financial dreams.

Are you ready to start?

How I wish to tell you that it’s easy, but it’s not. It requires someone with commitment, passion and a reason greater than reality to achieve his financial goals. But at the end, you’ll know that the price was worth it.

I’ve just mention five things that will guide you to your financial free future as a worker. As it is, it’s just a guide, that is, it’s not a solution to everyone. Look for your own or create your own that works. But know that you can still be rich with a job.

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