New Government Confiscation & Gold Turbulence

April 19, 2013

Eric King: “Nigel, everybody is talking about the speech you gave in the European Parliament the other day. There were some unhappy faces in the audience.”

Farage: “Well, that’s always a good sign of course isn’t it? If I’m upsetting them I must be getting something right. This was the first time that the European Parliament had met since the Cyprus crisis….

“What these guys did was to decide that the next phase of dealing with the bailouts of the failed eurozone countries is to resort to behaving like common criminals. That was exactly the phrase that I used, and that’s what caused the looks of consternation and shock. But that’s what they did, and they also violated the rule of law.

… I know something for certain, a precedent has now been set, and when the Spanish banks face their nadir, and it’s coming make no doubt about it, they’ve found the solution to how they are going to fund it. They are going to steal money from big bank accounts, and possibly even from small bank accounts.

There is now a new German proposal on the table which says they will even confiscate a percentage of the value of your house. We have not seen this sort of thing going on in Western Europe since the 1930s and 1940s when the Nazi regime did this to people they hated.

And isn’t it ironic that in the middle of all of this we have the Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, actually saying to the EU, ‘You are now behaving like the Soviet used to.’”


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