Obama Creates Giant Rainbow After Catching Huge Fish

July 22, 2013

On a recent trip to the Texas Coast, President Obama recently caught a big fish affected by dental cavities.

This disgusting discovery really hit the President hard.

Once again he experienced first-hand the lack of global cooperation in releasing more hydrofluoric acid into the oceans to further protect wildlife and the environment.

Even though the fish protested the president’s statements in its designated Free Speech Zone, Obama still strives to find solutions for us all, friend or foe.

After solving such global problems, President Obama will turn to building the success of every hard-working American.

We must believe in Obama. Only the president can allow the individual American to thrive.

But the Obama Administration needs to take the necessary precautions to protect our homeland from home-grown terrorism.

To ensure that no harm comes from this salt-water political dissident who also happens to be a bloodthirsty domestic terrorist (according to FBI bulletins and fusion center flyers), federal agencies have planted their top agents onto the fish’s fins.

Ironically the agents share the same last names as our current and last presidents, highlighting the far-reaching influence that our presidents have had with their domestic policies which keep us safe.

Even though the fishing trip confirmed yet another global tragedy, President Obama offers us hope:

The president creates rainbows at will to remind all Americans that paying U.N. carbon taxes will save the environment.

President Obama could truly build a great global institution for us all if self-serving individuals would quit stonewalling his progress.

As the absurdity of the state increases (which can be seen in the video below), satire such as this article becomes much more effective at exposing government lies.

Source: http://www.infowars.com/obama-creates-giant-rainbow-after-catching-huge-fish

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