Sinclair – Lagarde’s IMF Disaster Forces Bernanke Out Of Fed

March 22, 2013

Today legendary trader Jim Sinclair told King World News that Lagarde’s IMF Cyprus disaster, in stunning fashion, has now forced Chairman Ben Bernanke out of the Fed. Sinclair, who was once called on by former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker to assist during a Wall Street crisis, takes readers on a trip down the rabbit hole that has become know as “The Cyprus Catastrophe” in this extraordinary and exclusive interview:

Eric King: “Remarkably, just a day and a half ago you stated on King World News that ‘Putin has faced down the International Monetary Fund, which by the way is located in Washington, DC, and is in fact Washington itself. So in the sense of a Cold War, you have Washington vs Moscow, and Moscow won this round. The bottom line here is Lagarde took on Putin, but Putin has checkmated both her and the IMF the same way a Russian grandmaster chess player would destroy his opponent.’ Within hours of KWN reporting that news, Lagarde’s apartment was raided by police and she is now scrambling.”

Sinclair: “The important point is, how long has this case been going on in which there was a police raid on the Lagarde’s apartment? This is a 20-year old case, making it look a little less like just a coincidence. I would also add to that I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the Chairman of the Federal Reserve has now indicated the possibility that he will not be reappointed, and that he will not accept the reappointment….

“In truth, the IMF disaster which has just taken place in Cyprus is comparable to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand that started World War I. This is a major event in history. We have the mainstream media and some talking heads telling people that ‘Cyprus is a tempest in a teapot.’ That is completely false.”

Eric King: “This IMF disaster which has occurred, and obviously Lagarde is now being dealt with, but going forward you talked about the possibility of destabilization in the Western world. You are saying they can’t make a misstep here, and what about this Bernanke development?”


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