Super Bowl Ads – Earlier and Accompanied by Criticism

February 1, 2013

Super bowl ads have always been some of the eagerly waited for ads. Getting a few minutes of air-time during the super bowl game may require a huge sum of money. The fascination of the game is what brought the importance of the ads aired mid of the game. However, those days when people had to wait for the game to start so as to view the super bowl ads have been something historical. With the advent of social media, which is a far more real time method to make people aware of something, has taken the place. YouTube, twitter, Facebook, and many other social media websites have been successful in attracting the viewers to these ads. These ads now come to us sooner and sadly enough with controversies and criticism. Some of the criticized ads include the following.

Coke: The ad is about a race in the desert with an Arab and stubborn camel. It depicts that Arabs are foolish and backward and can never win.

Volkswagen: It has an ad in which a white office worker keeps talking in a Jamaican accent. Thi sad also targets racism.

Mercedes-Benz: It has an ad featuring Kate Upton and she has been shown washing a car. The video has got almost 5 million hits on YouTube.

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