The Rise In Gold Because Of A Shortage Will Be Spectacular

July 19, 2013

With continued propaganda coming out of the Fed, and Bernanke claiming he doesn’t understand gold, today King World News is pleased to share a piece with our global readers that was sent to us exclusively from Grant Williams out of Singapore. Grant told KWN he wanted to do a follow-up piece to the one he recently released which garnered so much attention from around the world. Below is his exclusive piece for King World News.

“Since the April smackdown in COMEX gold, physical metal has been pouring out of recognized warehouses and stockpiles as investors all over the world rush to perfect ownership of an asset that, when owned, unlevered, outside the banking system provides the ultimate hedge against market dislocations.

It is incredibly rare to see the price of something falling so precipitously at the same time people are queuing around the block to buy it so what is going on?….

“The answer, I suspect, lies in the chart below:



The huge decline in the gold price coincides almost perfectly with the request by the Bundesbank to have 300 tonnes of gold held at the NY Fed returned to Germany – an operation which we are told will take seven years.

For years the Central Banks have been leasing out their gold to bullion banks at essentially zero interest to fund the ultimate establishment-endorsed carry trade but now that trade seems to have run its course and bullion banks are going to have to come up with potentially hundreds of tonnes of gold.


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