Your TV’s Are Draining Your Life

June 29, 2013

Your televisions are sucking your Life out. The amount of noise that they generate is not normal. That blank stare that you get when you are lying on your couch without any energy is not normal. The lights that it is generating for your eyes to see are not natural. The flicker rate, etc. None of that exists in nature. You are being drained, every day. You can’t seem to pull away from it once you find a show that excites you. You find yourself wanting to get up and do other things but you can’t. it’s overwhelming your senses. While you are watching it, you are feeling all kinds of different sensations. None of them feel quite right. Your Bible is gathering dust. You would read it, but you have to watch what’s in front of you. You feel anxious and you don’t understand why. You are getting daily headaches and you can’t figure out what’s going on. Sometimes it feels like you can barely move. Your bones ache and crack, your muscles get sore, and you just want to feel like you remember feeling as a kid.

Florescent light bulbs are hurting your eyes in your house. Those dang lights always seem too bright. Yet you can’t see without them at night time. Even during the day, there isn’t always enough light to see, so you have to turn on those damn florescent lights. Those lights make your eyes feel tired, and weak. You would love to figure out another way to light your house but candles are just so dang expensive. Sitting in the dark isn’t fun either. You can’t see well enough to read or do much in the dark, and your skin craves sunlight whenever you sit in the dark for too long.

You want to go outside and enjoy your yard and nature but nature just isn’t what it used to be now that buildings block your vision and the sounds of other people’s cars and activities always seem to interrupt your peace. Whatever happened to the sound of silence? Where does it exist besides when you are in your bathroom? The bathroom is no place to relax, and the bedroom doesn’t have enough room to feel spacious and comfortable. You can only lay on your bed for so long. You just want to scream sometimes because of all of the stress that’s on your mind. If you could just find some peace and quiet, without feeling the need to answer your phone every time it rings, maybe then you could actually let go of much of that stress.

You’d like to make a nice meal but all you seem to have in your refrigerator is lunch meat, milk, and the basics. It seemed like you just went to the store a few days ago, and you’re already back to almost nothing again. You would love to be able to feel good and build up your bodies nutrition, but it seems like whenever you eat something it never seems to satisfy your body.

Does this sound like you? If so, welcome to the Illuminati’s purposely created Hellish environment.


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